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Discipline of Silence! January 21, 2015

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Silence, we think is absence of sound.

Silence is but a convenient label defining positively the human limitations. It’s not an end of sound, but the marking of farthest reach – the ultimate boundary of our hearing beyond which is the perimeter of animal kingdom, big and small. The sound from the flapping of butterflies wings, the conversations of ants, the whispers of mouse, they exist in its loudest form in the space of human silence.

That’s perhaps why Silence is also a humbling experience. Where the loudness stirs emotions, silence calms the commotion. Silence is an unknowing submission of ego, an unknown submission to our limitations, creating an unfathomable space to listen to the unheard sounds of untold words.

Silence is not absence of an sound. It is very much a form of sound that we don’t hear. In our silence, the others converse.



When Everything Looks Different January 20, 2015

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old man at the beachI realize the distance I travelled in life when I measure the differences of what I am attracted to.

What was of great importance in a distant past – relationship or material possessions – are not so important as the pendulum of time oscillated through space of seasons.

What was less aware, or hardly given any attention gained value as it transformed from being in the present to the form of priceless antique – articles and relationship alike; school reunions became a trend!!

Today sound of life has mellowed to a gentle whisper; events does not surprise, excitements does not carry vibrant colours, aspirations are not counted in currencies but valued in unnamed yardstick of love, health, who you have than what you have. Even love has taken a back seat, and care is what matters most.

There’s no looking back when the distance ahead is nearing an end! The achievements of scaling hills and mountains are less important than focused slow efforts to remove the little rocks and thorns on the way. The laurels from running marathons for fame are less meaningful than the steps cut into half the pace taken to traverse the remaining distance.

It’s all different. You realize how well you enacted your role; you are on the stage, behind the curtains, and the audiences are all gone!


Order in Chaos May 16, 2014

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Be A Leader, Not A Performer! April 21, 2014

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100 Years of Solitude And Now Eternally Silent April 18, 2014

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100 YearsWhen I read 100 Years Of  Solitude in 1996, I felt an affinity with Gabriel Garcia Marques as that one would feel towards an uncle next-door. Since the time I learned of his hospitalization a week ago, there was a silent gush of memories of my experience of reading the book, the hangover I felt and the silent admiration I’ve always had since then for the author.


“The world was so recent that many things lacked names, and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point’ I remember brought to me the image of the height of innocence of a child – whatever it was Gabriel Garcia meant to convey through it. And there was many such capturing passages, a line or two born in an instant that had in it wealth of wisdom packed for centuries to come.

Who cannot relate to this line of his: “The best friend a person has is one who has just died”

In March last year, we bade farewell to Chinua Achebe. Today Gabriel Garcia Marques followed.

Collection of thoughts and memories will remain.

Now eternally silent, from “100 Years of Solitude”

April 16, 2014

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What You Manifest April 11, 2014

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Enduring Relationship April 7, 2014

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enduring relationship


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We are organizing ourDPE - FB Banner next open-house workshop Driving Personal Excellence on 6th and 7th June 2014 in Bangalore.

We are excited about the launch of this two day workshop. We’ve started taking up the nominations with a very convenient pricing scheme for individuals and organizations, naturally with an early bird offer too for those quick on deciding to excel !!

Cover Page

This workshop is a need of time ! It’s not a soft skills development program – there are zillions of that kind in the market. It’s not that ‘pep-talk’ program – there are a hundreds more of that kind too. This is about rethinking things that matters most.

On designing the program, we sought answers to a few questions from the senior talent development heads in various Indian and Multinational organizations. We reflected on the potentials of organizations if tapped to its core of talent. We analyzed the attitude, and behaviours of the delegates we come across in our various learning interventions – the senior most to the freshers ! What was missing? Rather, what needed reinforcement.

Months of deliberations helped us to filter it all down to a few competencies to focus:

  • Achieve Results
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Leading Team
  • Impact & Influence
  • Adaptability

Organizations showcased technical excellence in general in almost all the people we met on a daily basis; however they also had opportunities to further develop the competencies that would have propelled them to the next stage of the orbit. Worse even, organizations had members with years of experience in their senior bands, yet, their strategic material could be put to test in a global market. While functional skills gave them an illusory feel of success, what was going noticed are the possibilities of how much more successful can one become if calibrated further.

This workshop is an offering of that calibration. We help them put a framework around which success is built, and excelled. The young talents who will walk in to The Royal Orchid on June 6th will walk away with a strengthened resolve to transform, and Drive Personal Excellence.

We look forward to delivering this exciting workshop in June!!





Submission April 4, 2014

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