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Beauty – A Situational Perception? March 1, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Love and Relationship.
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Is beauty a concept of contrasting colours distributed in a certain pattern?


The sky is beautiful when the clouds form in a mix of shades; a rainbow adds colour to that very sky and projects yet a distinct beauty. The saffron sunset is a beauty that captivates the heart of even the heart-less, the golden yellow of dawn has its own palette of colours that exudes beauty.


The nudity is a colour that becomes richer with a bright shawl carelessly thrown over its shoulders highlighting the contrast of colours and enriching its beauty! Is it true too that the measure of what we fall in love in a person is the beauty that we perceive from the contrast of colours…the texture of skin contrasting with the colour of clothing, that image contrasting with the green and ash and purple and violet of the park or the place, the very many contrast that we are unconscious about yet leaves its signature in making an impression the image of that person, a combination of contrasting colours, among the other elements?


Is that impression created by the contrast of colours any significant even when all the other parameters are uniform? A brown thin strap of a watch in her wrist makes her hands beautiful, thus signaling one that she is beautiful; is this perhaps an unconscious thinking one would have? What when the colours smudge, fade or disengage tampered by passing time? Does the old definition of beauty get redefined?


Or, is beauty a concept of space, with a certain planned positioning of things?


The nail polish on the toe nails makes her feet look so beautiful; when the same amount is applied on the tip of nose you become a laughing-stock! The bare chest of a woman is a barren sight, but how beautiful it transforms with a tiny piece of pendant! Is beauty then a concept of space and how the space is filled, or left empty? Does emptiness define beauty on some occasions, while fullness defines it on some other occasions? Beauty of a ballet is the fullness of its stage; of yoga, it is in the emptiness! In a particular staging of event someone or something appears beautiful, and when the backdrops of what created that beauty is removed, the perception of beauty is shifted, perhaps deformed. Are our impulses controlled by the comprehensive beauty of images captured with the background that doesn’t form a part of the actual, such as in an advertisement of a four wheeler that comes with the background of a beautiful mountain or splashing waters?! Does what is revealed distort the perception of beauty of what is concealed, or does how much is unveiled form the perception of what is beauty in its absolute? What then when the pieces are shuffled, space realigned, emptied and refilled with different forms and shapes occupying the vacuum or creating one, in the true wickedness of destiny? Does the old definition of beauty get redefined?


Or, is beauty a concept of sound, controlled or released in a particular manner?


Have you ever told someone “Oh! I like how you say that! It’s so sweet!” I love some words my friend speaks, love for how it sound through her; sometimes it doesn’t even have to be packaged in a word, it can just be a ‘hmm’ said in a particular way! That’s beautiful, sweet! There are moments when I love my life as I live through it with a background of a melodious song, or the sound of a flute! The meaning of feeling is defined with a different emotion when I listen to the voice of Sade sing The Smooth Operator; the meaning of existence is defined in different words when I watch Yanni perform on stage – the love for the sounds I hear become so deep and connecting. What is the role of sound in influencing a relationship – the sound of voice or instruments? Does one love a violinist because she plays violin so well – in love with the emotions her touch of bow on the violin strings produce, thus morphing that sound to be the beauty of that person? What when an instrument goes off-pitch, broken string, or a faded voice? Does the definition of beauty get redefined?


In the absurdity of these thoughts I am searching for non-hypocritical truth! And I know, I am not finished; the definitions of contrasts will continue in the mill of my thoughts…; share with me your thoughts of the unexpressed definitions of beauty.




First published on 20 March 2010



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