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New Boys Between Wickets March 19, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Life.
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sreesanthI watch cricket.

Like in any other events that happen around us, there are life lessons in it too, beyond the scope of entertainment.

The new boys in the Indian team caught my attention, not just in terms of their sterling performance – the first ball first wicket start of Bhuvneshwar, the debut century of Shikhar, the 22 wicket haul of Ashwin, the double century of Pujara and so on, but also the attitude they displayed on the ground.

They played their game by a plan, and they achieved their results.

As how you look at their heads from outside, you could feel a clear aura around them; cleanliness of thoughts, organized agenda, and a clear focus.

I rewind the tape to see Sreesanth play. And I see cluttered thoughts, a mess of agenda, and an absolute ambiguity in focus – in a way suggesting to the viewer whether he is playing the game or whether he is staging a show for the numerous cameras around the stadium.

When the new boys are playing, we could see in their eyes that their focus is in building their career, contributing significantly to the success of the team and of the country, playing in their minds the games of legends they followed as they grew up in the game and imitating their best moves and strokes to recreate the best.

In comparison, what went wrong with Sreesanth? Where was his focus? On the gallery and the few sycophantic friends and families who were playing poor tunes for him to dance, ruining his attitude and career. Did he fail to benchmark with the great legends before him, rather, glorified himself into sainthood in cricket? What change in behavior and attitude could have assured for him a career that he otherwise deserved?

bhuvneshwarContrasting Sreesanth and Bhuvneshwar is a lesson for the youngsters – on the significance of attitude that defines the altitude. Knowledge and Skills can take one only thus far where the attitude is capable of opening the doors. Sreesanth miss-spelt Aggression with Arrogance. Bhuvneshwar combined Aggression with Discipline.

Doors of success are opened with these carefully designed and followed combinations – combinations that maintains the weight of head heavy enough for the shoulders to bear. When the head becomes inflated, the body refuses to carry the weight beyond a mile of illusion.

A number of take-away from watching them are:
1. stay grounded; let not the success reshape the content of your head but your vision.
2. stay focused; let not the noise around you cause you defocused; keep your eyes on the game, not on the score-board.
3. maintain your character; your success will have wings and fly away! you will be known for your character.
4. when you are at the center, know you are looked up to by many; be a role model.

I wish all the best to Bhuvneshwar and Shikhar and all the new boys in the team; may you grow to become the Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar for the next generation. I wish Sreesanth too all the best; you contributed to the society by offering us this lesson in life by sacrificing yours!





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