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Being Human and Human Being March 26, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Life.


flowerI was in an ashram this week going through an intense meditation and had a focused opportunity to reflect on our life and the living beings around us!

How shameful was the realization of how notoriously we have come to a conclusion that life means all about the beginning and end of human beings and nothing else!!

Lying down on the lawn of the ashram, under the freshness of clear sky and the meditative calmness of the surroundings, there was this opportunity to engage in a conversation with the living beings around us – one of which was a tiny little flower that was growing between the cracks of a rock in the side of the lawn beside a little pond.

Even that tiny little flower carelessly growing in between the crack of a rock is so carefully created, that its petals are so finely defined and the leaves so intricately designed with proper lines and patterns as that of a plantain leaf, with so perfect finishing, even though it was not meant for our eyes to adore its beauty as it evades our sight by virtue of where it was growing. Its seed must have fallen there, slipped from the beak of a bird, and the wisest among would perhaps name it a weed that only deserves plucking off its life, and yet, what a creation it is – nothing less than or even better than a sunflower that we so adore!!!

What is its purpose of being so beautiful, even when it serves no one with her beauty? It’s existence is irrelevant, yet it is produced with so much of relevance that the intricacy of its crafting is second to none.

These flowers fail to even gain our acceptance of its existence, let alone our attention for it to be adored! They are as a whole – with the grass and the rock and the beautifully trimmed plants and leaves – forming just a supplementary role of beautifying what is an even larger beautiful creation of human kind – the building or the physical structure surrounding it. It’s value is assessed by the beauty of what is around, and not what it is in its own singular form.

Why are the blades of grass so beautifully designed when all it does is to crumble under the feet of people and cattle that walk on it? Why would it require such a finishing and beauty, if it is to only serve as a meal for cattle, or be crushed under the feet? Why should its edges have grooves, in such a minute details; in the eco system of life, who is it serving with such fine difference from the rest of its family?

In looking at its details, I could hear their conversations, and their definition of life.

Till then I was walking on them – on their heads, heedless of what they feel. But from then on, I asked permission to step on them; from then on, in their bosom they carried my feet, like the Mexican waves, shifting my feet from one to the other next to it, helping me move the distance.

In understanding, appreciating and connecting with the tiniest forms of life around us, I guess we can return to understanding our core purpose of being here, gaining the true magnanimous nature of being human. Attaining that moment of truth where you can hear the conversation of running water and flowers and trees and stones is perhaps the tipping point that can make a difference in one’s life.

It’s not about living as Human Beings. It’s about Being Human.





1. Ramesh Prasad - March 26, 2013

Simply beautiful

wordschamber - March 26, 2013

Thank you Prasad for reading me.

2. Ahmed Koya - March 30, 2013

Brother Shahir – Simply superb. really thought provoking…. Thank you for the post.

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