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The Calendar ! March 31, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Life, Love and Relationship.
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Calendar ! It does speak of time. We mark days in future, to meet someone, to do something, and look forward to it. We flip the pages backward and look at a date – perhaps with a sigh or a smile. Dates and anything that’s marking dates – with inspiring quotes or without – has become an integral part of our lives, even with the integration of digital instruments off late.

But there is another sort of calendar that I look at with awe; a different sort of marking of time.

That calendar reminds me of the amazing pace of time!!

Was it a fortnight back that I was kneeling before her to tie her shoe lace, and today, she is on her knees to tie them on her own.

Was it a fortnight back that I had her between my lap and braided her hair, and today, she is standing in front of the mirror and braiding them on her own.

What appeared as yesterday is in fact memories from years ago!

The awareness of this pace of time causes an immediate reflection on time, and how they are filled!!

Perhaps there are revisions to make.





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