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Open Your Arms | A Letter To A Friend April 1, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Corporate, Life, Love and Relationship.
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letterMy dear friend, open your arms.

I can guess the intensity of what you are going through, but whatever you are going through would be lighter if you have your arms opened and allows those who love you to walk in to it. It will always leave you lighter, trust me.

I have been grossly betrayed by people who I trusted, and as severe as yours, my career too had had its term of spiralling down for a longer period than yours combined with severe physical challenges I had to endure through the surgeries I was put through in between these race for success – most of my days turning to be a struggle to gather myself up as one piece and continue to move forward, with just one hope and prayer that I will be again having the glory and fame I once had while we were together. I had swung wildly between the past and future, no hands that I hold had the pulse to offer any help – especially those hands I thought are the most trusted ones! Life is such, my dear friend, those are the chapters we learn as we learn to live, at times bitter ones as they are.

Nonetheless, my dear, what is a few years when compared to the larger scheme of life, if only we allow ourselves to not disintegrate. Let us not break ourselves up, when everything around us might appear as a hammer breaking us up. If we keep on pushing, polishing ourselves, believing that we were once great and what’s now is only a temporary fall – like the Romans, like the Spaniards, like the British, like the Mughals – and that we will rise again, we will then rise again. All we need to do is to keep us shining, equip us with the tools necessary for us to bounce back when bouncing back becomes an option, and be valuable for future than perish in the present suffocating in the nauseating debris of the past.

Open your arms, my dearest friend, I want to stay in touch with you. Because I know the pain and agony you’ve been through and I want to be part of you growing out of it, towards a brighter tomorrow, without a shade of yesterday.

All you need to do now is this:

  1. get up after you read this, and take a hot shower.
  2. put the best dress you have, as though you are going for a meeting. This meeting is with you, my friend – an important person.
  3. come to a decision, that you are building a better tomorrow. Decide to begin to do things that you haven’t been doing for ages now. Reading, courses, meeting people, writing for opportunities – even if it means you are taking a step back to leap yards forward. Get back to life, my dear friend; make with your life a great story that you can write later – a contemporary story of the phoenix that’s rising from its ashes.

To feel dejected isn’t a foreign experience for me either. But who we think are responsible to help us are not responsible to help us. Your value is determined by the context of time your services in life is associated. As the needle of time move upwards, your value appreciates till a threshold and it is inevitable that it depreciate after a point, or burst by reaching beyond its capacity.  Someone must have played an important role in your life once upon a time. But time isn’t constant. That person’s responsibility was limited to the context of that changing time. Their priorities changes.  It’s we who are responsible for us, responsibility to  keep your priority unchanged – the priority of taking care of your well being. We just need to keep trying.

Give me your trade mark bear hug, my friend. Know that I hated you in between because I loved you so much and it was hurting to see you distancing to a shell of your own from me, and many like me who love and care for you a lot.





1. Santhosh - April 1, 2013

Beautiful letter

2. wordschamber - April 1, 2013

Thank you all for visiting this page and reading me.

Open your arms…too.


3. Anusha - April 21, 2013

most amazing uncle !! its unbelievably soothing !! i am dumbstruck for words…! seriously… this is great !!

4. Petrina - August 29, 2013

Uncle Shahir.. Just went through a few of your writings and they are just amazing.. Love them!

wordschamber - August 29, 2013

Hi Petrina, belated congratulations for all the great things that happened in your life – wedding, baby…..etc.

Please say ‘hi’ to mom, and you stay well.

Thanks too, for visiting my page.


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