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Between Luck and Destiny ! June 27, 2013

Posted by Shahir in As You Thinketh, Life.
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When one is dependent on what we call ‘luck’, it has its way of gracefully walking into your hands and secretly slip out through your fingers, making life alternatively ever more intriguing and equally amusing.  Just when you sit back with a sigh of relief, you lean forward the next moment with your chin resting in your arms, sighing again from disbelief.

However, opportunities are presented every moment though – in different disguise, but what’s visible for the average are the cracks between the opportunities; while the gaps are magnified, with an amplified sound of fear of  a zillion ‘what if’ remaining answered, the brighter side of the moment is often oblivious to eyes of the many who see them through the vision of distorted beliefs operating their thoughts which guide their actions, falling short by miles from what you are capable of by design.

Luck is a weak misinterpretation of realized opportunities. Destiny is then a lame excuse who seek a source to blame, escaping from taking the ownership of changing the software that generate keys to open possibilities of success.

Between the luck and destiny is the clay of life to for you to mold the way you wish it to be, to sculpt the most graceful statue of a legacy you wish to leave behind.






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