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Personal Lessons from Neymar’s Brazil – The Confederations Cup Champions July 1, 2013

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Brazil v Uruguay: Semi Final - FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013

Watching Brazil play Spain at the Confederations Cup was an absolute thriller; the grip of the game and the grit of the gamers were phenomenal, it almost dwarfed Spaniards in spite of the fame they brought to the championship, undefeated since 2010 when they played Switzerland in the World Cup opener!

These what you will read now are nothing new; read them as a refresher, just in case!

If I were to expand those 90 minutes to spread across the span of life, perhaps I would share these points as the highlights that will also determine the champions in us, enabling us to conquer and achieve.

Determination: Determination to achieve and Confidence on the ability to achieve was written on the foreheads of all the Brazilians! It wasn’t any different on the Spaniards, but towards the half-way through, I felt I started to see weak signs of body language in them that were not of champions but pronouncing loudly ‘please save us!’ as in their minds they already believed they’ve lost the game.  What’s in our minds will get reflected in our actions, and I guess they began to act already as those who lost the chance to grab the trophy!

Obstacles: No matter how determined you are to penetrate the defense, you will be tackled and tackled without mercy by the opponent who is equally wanting to win what you are set to win. With every tackle, you experience excruciating pain, but you must stand up, still, limb a few steps if you will, but run, chasing your goal that is in the net on the other side. You must move on, and move on quickly, or else, those on the other camp will, and will do so even quicker.

Decision Making: I loved Neymar’s decision to let go the ball from Hulk from the right seeing Fred running with him on his left, which Fred anticipated and grabbed the opportunity, and in fraction of seconds decided on the angle at which to shoot the ball, and shot it accurately placing the ball in the corner of the net. What more to explain on the ability to analyze the situation on hand, make the decision in the run, instantly, with a clear vision of goal in front and the opportunities to achieve them.

Break The Rules: Marcus Buckingham wrote the book, First Break The Rules. You are taught not to tackle your opponent in the D for it would qualify for a penalty. However, you must break that rule if tackling your opponent is the only option left when in the D which leaves you with even a hypothetical chance to achieve your goal of not acceding a goal.  That’s what Marcelo did with Jesus Navas and the end result of acceding that penalty was that it left a chance for the rattled Ramos to make a mistake, one that would bring you closer to your goal. Sometimes, some rules are to break – as long as it is still aligned to ecological balance of the system you are in.

Do things differently: Even in celebration, Neymar and team chose to do things differently. When after scoring the first two goals they ran up to the cheering Brazilian spectators, Fred and team chose to dance around the corner flag after scoring the third goal. We must look at what we do and see if that is boxed into a monotonous predictable rhythm, or whether there is an excitement of unpredictable yet enjoyable pattern that you create with your moves.

Say ‘Thank You’: What a graceful sight it was to see David Luiz kneel on the ground in submission to the Power he prays to, thanking Him for making him the winner tonight! That was followed by many other team members, who spent a moment to thank those who matter in their achievements. It’s easy for us to forget in the glory of celebrations the powers that drove us to that achievement, and that’s where these players showed their ability to not get carried away before they do what’s important to do – thank God for my achievements, that I wouldn’t achieve what I did if it were not for your blessings!




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