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Experience of a re-union: Presentation School ’90 Batch September 25, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Life.
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Presentation English Medium School - 1990 Batch

Twenty three years after leaving school, the students of Presentation English Medium School ’90 batch reunited – virtually, on social network.


In between these years there were a few attempts to re-unite the batch; however, the reunion on the social media brought us all from far and near – even those who are scattered across continents: Babitha, Manoj, Sajit, Rajesh and the like!


It was such a feeling – little pleasures that meant a lot, to meet old batch mates and pick up from where we left, fill the space with all the hopes that you once shared and counting what all from it became real! Few of them were seen – at a stretch – relishing the joy of little insignificant things that were once significant as children. The secrets then – you realize now – were no secret big enough to be a secret, the dreams were not so ‘dream-able’ enough to be a dream, and yet they looked back and thought of them with a chuckle that we once hid them under our pillows and some in our books and some others inside our chest, protecting them from the world around us that we thought were watching us all the time. And still, we all must be carrying a secret or two –what you did, what you saw, what you heard carved on the red-oxide paved corridors of our memories from school!


Not all your batch mates were your friends; there were a few with whom you hardly had conversations that could be counted less than a dozen times a year, and yet, there was an inexpressible ‘familiarity’ beyond that batch-mate-hood, something that spelled the sense of belongingness- the feeling of our own! We were girls and boys who are now men and women, and there could be seen on the chat-forums these men and women taking absolute liberty to transcend time and morph themselves into their childhood ! And a few of them who once walked through the school corridors not more than few inches away from the walls – almost gliding through them, and their sound never too loud than the rustling of leaves – had learned the ropes in time and now ruled the roost !


Many of us changed in time; yet, in each of us there remained something that never changed – how they smiled, how they posed, how they walked, twitched mouth, tilted head, angled look – something in them remained their signature that identified them with the boy or girl they were once !


The forums resembled a carnival ground!


Not all lived this far to watch the carnival though; their shutters were pulled down early in time, which we remembered too.  One succumbed to cancer, another to acute depression. The grown up boys and girls now wanted a vision and purpose to make the reunion meaningful, and the discussion didn’t go too far before we identified a common need – to express solidarity with the family of a batch-mate who did not live to witness this reunion.  Again, the hearts that shared pencils and sharpeners and lunch and snacks in the school came together with their contributions, this time sharing a livelihood! But it also showed the other side of the growth into adulthood; the difference of values among us that we accrued in our journey of life. To help someone too had different meaning among different people – meaning we acquired as we grew up from being a child to being an adult; we are now men and women taking decisions of parting with resources beyond a pencil or compass! While for some where the words were loud, their actions fell silent, while some others conveniently remained silent as it perhaps didn’t pull a chord in them; for some, reunion meant the fantasized excitement of staying connected and feeding the hungry present by the delicious memories of childhood, for some others, it meant adding value to the lives of each other. Some were silent, but their action spoke louder! Yet, the differences were respected; we are no more school boys and school girls!


Years and age brought with it the wisdom to understand the nuances of behaviours – those were of the adults in us; the words and its sounds, the silence and its space could all be interpreted a bit more than its interpretations as children.


Sometimes I wonder if we at all need to be conscious of what we are designing; what is meant to be together will come together, no matter how long after! To turn the wheel of destiny, perhaps all we need to do is to give it a push – a little one, and then time will by itself add momentum to its motion, bringing together what must be enjoined, and keeping away what must remain at bay.


This reunion is indeed not a discovery of age; yet for those little hearts and minds that must have shed a drop of tear then at the farewell seeing the inevitability of choosing different paths – not seeing each other every morning any more, this reunion meant a lot, though perhaps not so indispensable. Yet there remained many more to connect and those connected do not guarantee an eternal bond either. But this moment, this moment of coming together deserve applause, because with it, it created memories that can now be further nourished for many more years to come, through this renewal of childhood!


What else could have filled the vacuum this age would have created if we were not to re-unite!





1. Sajith Andy - September 25, 2013

Very good one Shahir … An experience that is hard to express … truly amazing ….

wordschamber - September 25, 2013

Thanks Sajith for visiting WORDSChamber! Glad you liked it!

2. Manoj Ramesh - September 25, 2013

Indeed a marvellous poetic commentary on the mixed emotions we ALL went through (and are still going through…) when we revisited those corridors which we all recreated in togetherness, after a long gap.

Needless to mention that it is a corridor filled with fun, nostalgia, happiness, love, camaraderie, dreams, fears, hope etc. of various hues plotted at various space-time graphs of our lives. Longing to meet each and every member who walked along with us in that corridor of time, for they all carried bits and pieces of the most pristine part of our life in them. The awe generated by collective mutual exchanges of those emotions was, of course, unfathomable.

Never imagined that in the “prescribed text-book course of life”, one would get such an amazing opportunity called ‘revision’, wherein one could rewind those precious moments of his or her own worthy existence on this beautiful planet, with this precision and beauty attached to it.
Thank you Shahir for evoking those wonderful moments of our golden age, called School days.

wordschamber - September 26, 2013

Thank you, Manoj. Loved your observations and great that you added your thoughts too.

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