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Discipline of Silence! January 21, 2015

Posted by Shahir in Inspirational Quotes.


Silence, we think is absence of sound.

Silence is but a convenient label defining positively the human limitations. It’s not an end of sound, but the marking of farthest reach – the ultimate boundary of our hearing beyond which is the perimeter of animal kingdom, big and small. The sound from the flapping of butterflies wings, the conversations of ants, the whispers of mouse, they exist in its loudest form in the space of human silence.

That’s perhaps why Silence is also a humbling experience. Where the loudness stirs emotions, silence calms the commotion. Silence is an unknowing submission of ego, an unknown submission to our limitations, creating an unfathomable space to listen to the unheard sounds of untold words.

Silence is not absence of an sound. It is very much a form of sound that we don’t hear. In our silence, the others converse.




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