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Enduring Relationship April 7, 2014

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enduring relationship


Isolation or Inclusion – A Personal Choice September 28, 2013

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Isolation or Inclusion - A Personal Choice

True Expression of Love July 17, 2013

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The most true expression of love is often either in silence or in nonsense words – words that either do not exist or has no meaning at all! Remember the last time you were on your knees to talk to your two year old niece, and the most weird words you chose in excitement – the genuine representation of your meaningful inner world of love? ‘I love you’ is often an adulterated version of cho-chi-chi-chuu-cho-bo-chee that you say to a two year old.

As You Thinketh – Is Your Experience Truly Your Experience? April 3, 2013

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grassIs your experience truly your experience?

Or, are they a morphed experience of those influencing you from outside?

As you walked to a Starbucks for the first time, you walked with everything you heard and read about Howard Schultz’ and his book “Pour Your Heart Into It,” and the great stories of your friends who spoke volumes about the friendliness of the Barrista and the warmth of its ambience.

Are you not already looking out for all that and more, morphing every interaction to make it friendly – your own approach changing to become friendlier – and seeing greatness and classic in the wall-paintings and the leather sofas though brown is not your favourite colour?

Is your experience truly your experience?

Is there a possibility that you are experiencing the virtual reality through the frame of someone else’s reality whose reality itself was not of their own? Is there a possibility, that your experience is not your experience?

Could that mean then that suggestions could frame your mind to think and feel the way it is suggested?

Can we not then suggest to our mind positively, not necessary that it is true but a harmless white-lie to pre-suppose that it is positive, if that means our approach towards it – whatever that ‘it’ may be – becomes positive too, just as how you reacted to the brown coloured wall-painting at Starbucks?

Most of the time when you love a song, it’s not that you love it, really; there is a possibility that someone told you that it’s a lovely song.

You can tell yourself that it’s a lovely thing, so that you begin to love it – whatever that ‘it’ may be.

Most of the time when you begin to hate a person, it’s not because you hate that person, but you were told by someone some attributes of that person that she hated, therefore you morphing that person to hate-able-attributes in spite of how well she’s behaving with you.

Could that be a possibility too?

It’s all about possibilities. When we begin to think what other possibilities are there in the given situation, perhaps that’s when we become richer in our experiencing of life, for, not everything is same as how it is appearing and there is a possibility that it’s different.




Open Your Arms | A Letter To A Friend April 1, 2013

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letterMy dear friend, open your arms.

I can guess the intensity of what you are going through, but whatever you are going through would be lighter if you have your arms opened and allows those who love you to walk in to it. It will always leave you lighter, trust me.

I have been grossly betrayed by people who I trusted, and as severe as yours, my career too had had its term of spiralling down for a longer period than yours combined with severe physical challenges I had to endure through the surgeries I was put through in between these race for success – most of my days turning to be a struggle to gather myself up as one piece and continue to move forward, with just one hope and prayer that I will be again having the glory and fame I once had while we were together. I had swung wildly between the past and future, no hands that I hold had the pulse to offer any help – especially those hands I thought are the most trusted ones! Life is such, my dear friend, those are the chapters we learn as we learn to live, at times bitter ones as they are.

Nonetheless, my dear, what is a few years when compared to the larger scheme of life, if only we allow ourselves to not disintegrate. Let us not break ourselves up, when everything around us might appear as a hammer breaking us up. If we keep on pushing, polishing ourselves, believing that we were once great and what’s now is only a temporary fall – like the Romans, like the Spaniards, like the British, like the Mughals – and that we will rise again, we will then rise again. All we need to do is to keep us shining, equip us with the tools necessary for us to bounce back when bouncing back becomes an option, and be valuable for future than perish in the present suffocating in the nauseating debris of the past.

Open your arms, my dearest friend, I want to stay in touch with you. Because I know the pain and agony you’ve been through and I want to be part of you growing out of it, towards a brighter tomorrow, without a shade of yesterday.

All you need to do now is this:

  1. get up after you read this, and take a hot shower.
  2. put the best dress you have, as though you are going for a meeting. This meeting is with you, my friend – an important person.
  3. come to a decision, that you are building a better tomorrow. Decide to begin to do things that you haven’t been doing for ages now. Reading, courses, meeting people, writing for opportunities – even if it means you are taking a step back to leap yards forward. Get back to life, my dear friend; make with your life a great story that you can write later – a contemporary story of the phoenix that’s rising from its ashes.

To feel dejected isn’t a foreign experience for me either. But who we think are responsible to help us are not responsible to help us. Your value is determined by the context of time your services in life is associated. As the needle of time move upwards, your value appreciates till a threshold and it is inevitable that it depreciate after a point, or burst by reaching beyond its capacity.  Someone must have played an important role in your life once upon a time. But time isn’t constant. That person’s responsibility was limited to the context of that changing time. Their priorities changes.  It’s we who are responsible for us, responsibility to  keep your priority unchanged – the priority of taking care of your well being. We just need to keep trying.

Give me your trade mark bear hug, my friend. Know that I hated you in between because I loved you so much and it was hurting to see you distancing to a shell of your own from me, and many like me who love and care for you a lot.



As You Thinketh [1] March 31, 2013

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When the truth of your thoughts is not the same as the actions towards your direction, you survive for a while, only to succumb to the weight of truth.

When the transparency of what you see is deflected by the opaqueness of what you notice, you would walk a mile but would fall fainting after a while.

When the sensation of your touch is not in synch with the emotion that drives you, who do you think will be left to touch you when you are so badly in need of one?

When the resonance of voice that you hear is not the face of sound that you speak to, what use are your riches when the world you live in is empty of wise.

What vision are you pursuing that’s blinding your vision of what matters most?




The Calendar ! March 31, 2013

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Calendar ! It does speak of time. We mark days in future, to meet someone, to do something, and look forward to it. We flip the pages backward and look at a date – perhaps with a sigh or a smile. Dates and anything that’s marking dates – with inspiring quotes or without – has become an integral part of our lives, even with the integration of digital instruments off late.

But there is another sort of calendar that I look at with awe; a different sort of marking of time.

That calendar reminds me of the amazing pace of time!!

Was it a fortnight back that I was kneeling before her to tie her shoe lace, and today, she is on her knees to tie them on her own.

Was it a fortnight back that I had her between my lap and braided her hair, and today, she is standing in front of the mirror and braiding them on her own.

What appeared as yesterday is in fact memories from years ago!

The awareness of this pace of time causes an immediate reflection on time, and how they are filled!!

Perhaps there are revisions to make.



Wishes and Hopes March 17, 2013

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Sometimes I do not know what to wish for; but I know very well what I am hoping for! What is the difference between wish and hope?

Between the wishes and hopes are the right and wrong, interlaced; between the wishes and hopes are yesterdays and tomorrows, zooming in and out; between the wishes and hopes are the designs of triumph and fear of disaster, constructed and destroyed.

Between the wishes and hopes, the time oscillates, images constant, space reshaped.

Between the wishes and the hopes actions unite and disseminate, to reassemble differently; it re-creates, re-assembles a better wish, a better hope.

Between the creation and re-creation, life transforms.


The House of Dead March 16, 2013

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Time was punctuated by sighs from the punctured thoughts of men and women deep in thoughts. One by one, or sometimes in pairs, or in groups they arrived. They walked gently, straight into the hall at the front of the house. They stood there in silence for a few seconds. What were they thinking? Did they have in their thoughts about their turn to come? Or were they thinking about the turn of someone they love whom they now fear losing?

They walked back gently to the courtyard, slowly moving into an empty space, silently, and stood there. Their greetings to the one next to them confined to a gentle smile or a nod. They all wore the same expressions. That’s because they all carried in them the same thickness of feelings – that of a loss, or the fear of inevitable loss.

Everything was silent, almost still. The trees held their breath and leaves stood still. The tiled roof appeared as bowing its head in grief, and the closed windows looked as though the eyes are shut in sorrow. The fragrance of burning incense hung in the air and the white and grey curly lines it drew in the air faded away, slowly, in the gentle breath of people who stood there.

In the air floated broken words – the words and letters of chants and hymns that froze after they slipped gently through the whispers that came from men of whom some leaned on the wall and some others stood still, crossing their hands. Some stared at the ground. Some looked at the distance, as if searching for an answer, or were they searching for a clue of their own fate?

Little children cried looking at the face of their mothers who sat leaning on the wall, still, looking at a distance. Birds forgot to sing, stood on the branches, tilting their heads left and right before they flew away. Clouds looked down, and moved on.

Arrogance melted. Egos stood undressed. Blue prints of future fluttered in the occasional breeze that entered the room through the cracks of the old window. Reminders of yesterdays dreams are on the desk, in the shelves, crossed or marked on the calendar hanging on the wall unaware of its masters journey – marked in red in them are the holidays of life before, till yesterday!

Did you ever think when you were dressing up this morning, that perhaps it’s someone else who will undress you before your final journey today?

The house of dead is silent.

Yet it spoke volumes.


Hug – Testing Your Power of Mind March 10, 2013

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Do you doubt, still, the power of your mind over the deceptive power of your physical strength?

In spite of all the strength you accumulated over years of physical exertion and excessive consumption of supplements, how hard it is to smile, at times, to the one who need it most; smile, an act that requires to draw nothing from your physical strenghth-bank, and yet the power of mind obstructing you from twitching that lips to make a positive difference!

In spite of all your achievements that conquered everything that you set your foot on, how hard it is to just make that move closer to that person so near in your life, with your hands stretched inviting for the warmth of a hug – an act that requires hardly any strength but the power of your mind.

You travel distance to learn about the tips for success in life, and yet you can’t walk just a few steps to the person whose kind thought for you in receiving your gesture of kindness alone would form the cornerstone of your success.

Power of your structure is close to the value of zero if the power of your mind remains unemployed !

Who would you want to give a hug, today, that in spite of your physical capabilities to reach out, your mind has obstructed you from doing so – a hug that would make a difference?


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