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When Everything Looks Different January 20, 2015

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old man at the beachI realize the distance I travelled in life when I measure the differences of what I am attracted to.

What was of great importance in a distant past – relationship or material possessions – are not so important as the pendulum of time oscillated through space of seasons.

What was less aware, or hardly given any attention gained value as it transformed from being in the present to the form of priceless antique – articles and relationship alike; school reunions became a trend!!

Today sound of life has mellowed to a gentle whisper; events does not surprise, excitements does not carry vibrant colours, aspirations are not counted in currencies but valued in unnamed yardstick of love, health, who you have than what you have. Even love has taken a back seat, and care is what matters most.

There’s no looking back when the distance ahead is nearing an end! The achievements of scaling hills and mountains are less important than focused slow efforts to remove the little rocks and thorns on the way. The laurels from running marathons for fame are less meaningful than the steps cut into half the pace taken to traverse the remaining distance.

It’s all different. You realize how well you enacted your role; you are on the stage, behind the curtains, and the audiences are all gone!



Order in Chaos May 16, 2014

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Be A Leader, Not A Performer! April 21, 2014

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100 Years of Solitude And Now Eternally Silent April 18, 2014

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100 YearsWhen I read 100 Years Of  Solitude in 1996, I felt an affinity with Gabriel Garcia Marques as that one would feel towards an uncle next-door. Since the time I learned of his hospitalization a week ago, there was a silent gush of memories of my experience of reading the book, the hangover I felt and the silent admiration I’ve always had since then for the author.


“The world was so recent that many things lacked names, and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point’ I remember brought to me the image of the height of innocence of a child – whatever it was Gabriel Garcia meant to convey through it. And there was many such capturing passages, a line or two born in an instant that had in it wealth of wisdom packed for centuries to come.

Who cannot relate to this line of his: “The best friend a person has is one who has just died”

In March last year, we bade farewell to Chinua Achebe. Today Gabriel Garcia Marques followed.

Collection of thoughts and memories will remain.

Now eternally silent, from “100 Years of Solitude”

Quietly… merge into that oneness! September 30, 2013

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Quietly... merge into that oneness!

Isolation or Inclusion – A Personal Choice September 28, 2013

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Isolation or Inclusion - A Personal Choice

Voice of Expressions August 24, 2013

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“If only expressions had voice, what not we would’ve heard that always remained untold, leaving for us fathomless beauty of relationships unfold!” – Shahir

River Nile is drying! July 4, 2013

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River Nile is drying; once it witnessed the grace of Moses (peace be upon him) and now it’s watching the rise and fall of Morsy. The pyramids are crumbling too following the hanging gardens of Babylon. The Sphynx sits beside the pyramids in silence with a chuckle of contempt witnessing the downfall of a civilization, or is it a smile of relief, watching her children come to age?

Conversations ! June 15, 2013

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“In conversations, a lot more is said in mind than what’s heard in words; an eruption of a ‘word’ is often the result of a surge of molten thoughts wriggling for space deep within, influenced by the experiences from the past, prejudices of the present, ambitions of the future.” – Shahir

Boston : Live and Let Live April 17, 2013

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“Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it’s an act of terror” – Obama’s revelation.

How true. Any time, whoever plans, authorizes and supports such acts of terror are terrorists. And that applies whether the bombs are trigged in a gas canister or in unmanned drones, whether in Boston or in Baluchistan, whether civilians are hurt using a sling-shot or from a state funded arsenal, terrorism is terrorism; whether wearing a turban and living in caves, or an Armani suit and living in capitals, terrorists are terrorists. Pain of loss of family in Boston – whether maimed at the finishing line of their marathon or of those who lost their beloved ones in their cross-roads of life, whether in the streets or in schools, intensity of loss remains the same.

That’s what the ordinary public across the world kept drumming out loud since so many years, to reach the ears of those inflicting this pain – both the state-terrorists and those in the hide-outs- the Bushes and Cheneys and Rumsfelds and Blairs and Abu Sayafs and Talibans – to stop inflicting this pain of terror, and to live and let live.

For God’s sake, Live and Let Live.

The world will only be a better place when the political machineries are revamped with Human Values than the greed it is now governed by- the transparent greed for material wealth that the few men in the state capital is so blinded to pursue at the cost of the lives of many millions, legacy of which has left us in a quagmire of pain and death – though it might sound as an utopia!


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