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Isolation or Inclusion – A Personal Choice September 28, 2013

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Isolation or Inclusion - A Personal Choice


Emotions and Intentions July 12, 2013

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There are times when emotions supersede intentions; the actions that follow marks the difference between knowledge and wisdom, vice and virtuous, the rise and fall, the powerful and weak. The month of Ramadan is the month when Moslems around the world subdue their emotions – the capricious attraction towards the fleeting joy of the material world – and clarify their intentions – the genuine reason and ‘purpose of being.’

Between Luck and Destiny ! June 27, 2013

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When one is dependent on what we call ‘luck’, it has its way of gracefully walking into your hands and secretly slip out through your fingers, making life alternatively ever more intriguing and equally amusing.  Just when you sit back with a sigh of relief, you lean forward the next moment with your chin resting in your arms, sighing again from disbelief.

However, opportunities are presented every moment though – in different disguise, but what’s visible for the average are the cracks between the opportunities; while the gaps are magnified, with an amplified sound of fear of  a zillion ‘what if’ remaining answered, the brighter side of the moment is often oblivious to eyes of the many who see them through the vision of distorted beliefs operating their thoughts which guide their actions, falling short by miles from what you are capable of by design.

Luck is a weak misinterpretation of realized opportunities. Destiny is then a lame excuse who seek a source to blame, escaping from taking the ownership of changing the software that generate keys to open possibilities of success.

Between the luck and destiny is the clay of life to for you to mold the way you wish it to be, to sculpt the most graceful statue of a legacy you wish to leave behind.




Questions We Don’t Ask For Right Reasons! June 25, 2013

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Before Pele, what was the jersey number of great players and why Number 10 became synonymous to fame and genius in sports? Is number 10 a perception, or an indispensable belief, or is it a value tag associating with the greats in these sports? What else are we carrying along simply because it use to be so in the past?

Who would the generations fifty years from now remember most – Hitler or George Bush? Who’s taking the count of the far reaching effects of the massacres they both employed – the former in trenches and the latter through systematic experimentation of sophisticated weaponry from the labs?

Would Newton be famous than Steve Jobs for the next generation in spite of their fame from rise or fall of Apple? One shot to fame from observing the principles of why the apple is falling down, the other became famous from the value of Apple’s stocks rising high!

With the toppling of the tyrants – Hosni Mobarak, Col. Gaddafi, Saddam Hussain – who once seemed eternally powerful, would the powerful today become powerless one day – incomprehensible though it might seem today? What series of events would change the equation that will swing it the other way?

The world relieved (except Margaret Thatcher) from having Nelson Mandela to replace Mahatma Gandhi in the ideologies of fighting for freedom and equality. Will there be any other of these stature for the next generation to meet and learn from, when even President Obama has succumbed to the pressure of politics sacrificing the ideologies he once stood for and once spoke eloquently?

While the question of Jersey Number 10 may be irrelevant, will we begin to see answers for the many other questions that we are reluctant to ask?



Are you singing it right? June 20, 2013

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Choir-Female SingingYou would not hear your voice in a choir; but that’s no excuse for you to sing it wrong.

When watching a concert, my attention often goes to those on the stage performing with one of those minutest instruments that is dwarfed in front of the majestic cellos and percussions and yet the person who’s playing it plays as if she’s the only one on the stage and the whole audiences are there just to watch her play.

That’s the kind of obsession I would love to see in a team performing at work, the spirited individuals performing their series of little tasks knowing how it fill the gaps of the big picture, subsequently becoming one with the rest, inseparable as the sound of cello is from that of violin yet retaining its individuality.

It’s not whether your voice is heard, whether your performance is seen that should stimulate you to perform, rather, the conscious awareness of the timbre of your voice and the pride of your performance that you feel, the feeling with which you can go to bed and sleep well from having spent a day in the best possible way.

What are you compromising when performing which if you had given your best there will only be one ‘you’ who can do what you do?



Why we don’t say everything when we say something? June 19, 2013

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Old manThis might appear too obvious to you, but these are the fundamentals of communication – even before you decide to blink and with it convey a message!

We observe things around us – people, objects – and create patterns of its appearance, occurrence, size and shape, its sound and silence, to put them all together to create a set of standards of those observed objects and people, standards that will become its rule of engagements.

These standards remain in our heads, forming expectations of how these objects and people should behave, appear, or should not. They are not communicated, for, it’s assumed that it’s how it should be.

John comes to the park every morning, and sat on the bench beside the oak tree. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, everyday 6 in the morning, with a newspaper in his hand. Smith too comes to the same park and sit on the bench beside the pond full of lilies and lotus, with some flakes to feed the fish. Smith’s observation of John is someone who comes at 6 in the morning, every day, and sits on the bench beside the oak tree. When he one day moved from the  bench beside the oak tree and came and sat on the bench beside the pond, it breaks the pattern.

Smith began to think why he is coming and sitting on my bench! His bench is the one beside the oak tree. The pattern is breached. The occurrence not meeting the standard devised from the pattern of life around Smith. A conflict of interest arises as a result, causing friction, slight frustration, negative energy and therefore the feelings getting translated in the way he looks at John, the tone of voice – or the intensity of silence.

John in this case is in true sense innocent. He didn’t know the standards Smith has set for John – that the pattern he created is in conflict with his behavior today, disturbing the eco-system of Smith who has designed his mornings in the park with John in the seat beside the oak tree. The vacuum it created there, and the space that is now filled in the seat beside the pond are in conflict with his mental design of a good morning.

How often we design standards on behaviours and performance of others around us, inadvertently, from the patterns we dissect through our observations of people and objects in our surroundings, a crack in which causes us to frustrate? Often times, our expression of thoughts are just the tip of an iceberg of standards we created deep inside us of those around us,  those around us oblivious of what standards they are and therefore being non-committed to its adherence.

Relationships gets a dent when such hidden standards are operating in our minds from the patterns we observe in the shape of our own convenience that are in its true sense distant from the reality of the person and object that we are observing.

What patterns are you observing in people and objects around you with which you are creating standards that may not be healthy to demand adherence for, causing friction in your life, career etc?



Conversations ! June 15, 2013

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“In conversations, a lot more is said in mind than what’s heard in words; an eruption of a ‘word’ is often the result of a surge of molten thoughts wriggling for space deep within, influenced by the experiences from the past, prejudices of the present, ambitions of the future.” – Shahir

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