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Submission April 4, 2014

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Isolation or Inclusion – A Personal Choice September 28, 2013

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Isolation or Inclusion - A Personal Choice

Are you singing it right? June 20, 2013

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Choir-Female SingingYou would not hear your voice in a choir; but that’s no excuse for you to sing it wrong.

When watching a concert, my attention often goes to those on the stage performing with one of those minutest instruments that is dwarfed in front of the majestic cellos and percussions and yet the person who’s playing it plays as if she’s the only one on the stage and the whole audiences are there just to watch her play.

That’s the kind of obsession I would love to see in a team performing at work, the spirited individuals performing their series of little tasks knowing how it fill the gaps of the big picture, subsequently becoming one with the rest, inseparable as the sound of cello is from that of violin yet retaining its individuality.

It’s not whether your voice is heard, whether your performance is seen that should stimulate you to perform, rather, the conscious awareness of the timbre of your voice and the pride of your performance that you feel, the feeling with which you can go to bed and sleep well from having spent a day in the best possible way.

What are you compromising when performing which if you had given your best there will only be one ‘you’ who can do what you do?



The Calendar ! March 31, 2013

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Calendar ! It does speak of time. We mark days in future, to meet someone, to do something, and look forward to it. We flip the pages backward and look at a date – perhaps with a sigh or a smile. Dates and anything that’s marking dates – with inspiring quotes or without – has become an integral part of our lives, even with the integration of digital instruments off late.

But there is another sort of calendar that I look at with awe; a different sort of marking of time.

That calendar reminds me of the amazing pace of time!!

Was it a fortnight back that I was kneeling before her to tie her shoe lace, and today, she is on her knees to tie them on her own.

Was it a fortnight back that I had her between my lap and braided her hair, and today, she is standing in front of the mirror and braiding them on her own.

What appeared as yesterday is in fact memories from years ago!

The awareness of this pace of time causes an immediate reflection on time, and how they are filled!!

Perhaps there are revisions to make.



Cruel Silence March 27, 2013

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When I am silently witnessing the atrocities around me, in that choice of silence I am becoming part of the Generals marshalling their men to cause those atrocities; my silence is then as strong as the boots of the marching men and as sharp as their bayonets.

Caution yoursel… March 18, 2013

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Caution yourself from being overly excited of reasons that are yet to move upwards from the point of fantasized assumptions or inflated imaginations to a point of real experience in the present. Not all the dense clouds are meant to rain.

A Silent Whisper March 7, 2013

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Lord, in life when I am
slow to reach, help me race;
thin and fragile, make me bold;
my children’s pain, make them mine

Difficult matters, make them easier
blind vision, make them clearer
heavier subjects, make them lighter
harder choices, make them softer

My distant journeys, make them closer.
their cold emotions, make them warmer.
the longer waits, make them shorter.
my withering health, make it stronger;

Among voices of vice, make mine wiser;
in pull of hunger, fill my soul;
when under thunder, give me shelter;
on snow-flakes’ fall,  give me sweater

Of all my dreams, make this stream;
Day by day and every day,
be with me all the way, is
my silent whisper every day


Design somethin… March 5, 2013

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Design something for the other end of time towards which you look forward to walk and reach; a place in time where you do what is so full of excitement, those that you will jump at with childish curiosity and papal nobility; in such islands of hopes can you breed the reasons of your true life, life of which the reign remains in your hands. – Shahir

Possibilities. March 4, 2013

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“Your possibilities are endless when you are clear about how the end should look like; new ideas spring into the forefront of your discussions- ideas that had always existed but never paid attention to, ones that become the difference between being lethargic in the comfort of known and the driving force you derive from the fire of the strangeness of unknown.” Shahir

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