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Emotions and Intentions July 12, 2013

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There are times when emotions supersede intentions; the actions that follow marks the difference between knowledge and wisdom, vice and virtuous, the rise and fall, the powerful and weak. The month of Ramadan is the month when Moslems around the world subdue their emotions – the capricious attraction towards the fleeting joy of the material world – and clarify their intentions – the genuine reason and ‘purpose of being.’


Personal Lessons from Neymar’s Brazil – The Confederations Cup Champions July 1, 2013

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Brazil v Uruguay: Semi Final - FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013

Watching Brazil play Spain at the Confederations Cup was an absolute thriller; the grip of the game and the grit of the gamers were phenomenal, it almost dwarfed Spaniards in spite of the fame they brought to the championship, undefeated since 2010 when they played Switzerland in the World Cup opener!

These what you will read now are nothing new; read them as a refresher, just in case!

If I were to expand those 90 minutes to spread across the span of life, perhaps I would share these points as the highlights that will also determine the champions in us, enabling us to conquer and achieve.

Determination: Determination to achieve and Confidence on the ability to achieve was written on the foreheads of all the Brazilians! It wasn’t any different on the Spaniards, but towards the half-way through, I felt I started to see weak signs of body language in them that were not of champions but pronouncing loudly ‘please save us!’ as in their minds they already believed they’ve lost the game.  What’s in our minds will get reflected in our actions, and I guess they began to act already as those who lost the chance to grab the trophy!

Obstacles: No matter how determined you are to penetrate the defense, you will be tackled and tackled without mercy by the opponent who is equally wanting to win what you are set to win. With every tackle, you experience excruciating pain, but you must stand up, still, limb a few steps if you will, but run, chasing your goal that is in the net on the other side. You must move on, and move on quickly, or else, those on the other camp will, and will do so even quicker.

Decision Making: I loved Neymar’s decision to let go the ball from Hulk from the right seeing Fred running with him on his left, which Fred anticipated and grabbed the opportunity, and in fraction of seconds decided on the angle at which to shoot the ball, and shot it accurately placing the ball in the corner of the net. What more to explain on the ability to analyze the situation on hand, make the decision in the run, instantly, with a clear vision of goal in front and the opportunities to achieve them.

Break The Rules: Marcus Buckingham wrote the book, First Break The Rules. You are taught not to tackle your opponent in the D for it would qualify for a penalty. However, you must break that rule if tackling your opponent is the only option left when in the D which leaves you with even a hypothetical chance to achieve your goal of not acceding a goal.  That’s what Marcelo did with Jesus Navas and the end result of acceding that penalty was that it left a chance for the rattled Ramos to make a mistake, one that would bring you closer to your goal. Sometimes, some rules are to break – as long as it is still aligned to ecological balance of the system you are in.

Do things differently: Even in celebration, Neymar and team chose to do things differently. When after scoring the first two goals they ran up to the cheering Brazilian spectators, Fred and team chose to dance around the corner flag after scoring the third goal. We must look at what we do and see if that is boxed into a monotonous predictable rhythm, or whether there is an excitement of unpredictable yet enjoyable pattern that you create with your moves.

Say ‘Thank You’: What a graceful sight it was to see David Luiz kneel on the ground in submission to the Power he prays to, thanking Him for making him the winner tonight! That was followed by many other team members, who spent a moment to thank those who matter in their achievements. It’s easy for us to forget in the glory of celebrations the powers that drove us to that achievement, and that’s where these players showed their ability to not get carried away before they do what’s important to do – thank God for my achievements, that I wouldn’t achieve what I did if it were not for your blessings!


Between Luck and Destiny ! June 27, 2013

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When one is dependent on what we call ‘luck’, it has its way of gracefully walking into your hands and secretly slip out through your fingers, making life alternatively ever more intriguing and equally amusing.  Just when you sit back with a sigh of relief, you lean forward the next moment with your chin resting in your arms, sighing again from disbelief.

However, opportunities are presented every moment though – in different disguise, but what’s visible for the average are the cracks between the opportunities; while the gaps are magnified, with an amplified sound of fear of  a zillion ‘what if’ remaining answered, the brighter side of the moment is often oblivious to eyes of the many who see them through the vision of distorted beliefs operating their thoughts which guide their actions, falling short by miles from what you are capable of by design.

Luck is a weak misinterpretation of realized opportunities. Destiny is then a lame excuse who seek a source to blame, escaping from taking the ownership of changing the software that generate keys to open possibilities of success.

Between the luck and destiny is the clay of life to for you to mold the way you wish it to be, to sculpt the most graceful statue of a legacy you wish to leave behind.




Gen-Y : Choice between Facebook and LinkedIn April 30, 2013

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Sharmila is one of those Millennial Generation staff who is very dynamic and of high potential and I have had couple of opportunities to involve in her professional growth in one of my previous assignments. She has around 890 friends on Facebook. Her network on LinkedIn is around 40.

Is she heading on the right direction, one that will complement her efforts to build a future?

Her friends list on FB might include seniors in her industry, but chances are that the majority in that list are friends and families who would ‘like’ everything she write about the odd shift she’s working or the great meal she had on a day-off or perhaps every time she transforms the FB wall as a whining wall to vent off her frustration of dealing with her supervisor! That’s mostly what you see on FB walls, anyway!!

Even if she has some seniors in her industry in her Friends list on FB (even they don’t see FB as a professional network site, and their sharing too is personal – their daughters school anniversary, trip to Shimla, or to a shopping mall nearby) will she have quality stuff on FB that they will notice – one that will showcase her quality of what she can become than what she’s today?

Is that progressive? If I were to visualize her, the image I see is she sitting somewhere looking towards the past, oblivious of the potential future ahead of her.

What would be the kind of population she will be connected with on LinkedIn?

I would suppose, her connections will be mostly those who had already walked her path and was tested by time, moved forward and succeeded in their career! By virtue of the standard quality of what’s shared on LinkedIn, she would also trim her emotions and perhaps apply more sense when sharing something – it would become more professional and career oriented. If she is a Chef, she would talk about the new recipe they tried for a sit-down dinner for a very high-profile client; she would share about some challenges she’s observing in how an outside-catering was organized. She would share about the ideal leadership quality her generation expects at work than the conventional leadership she may be experience in the ‘oldies’ in her team! She would share about some new tools and equipment she read about that is so trendy and useful for her work.

In sharing so, it is not necessary that all her connections will talk to her or ‘like’ everything that she share, yet, there are chances where she will be noticed. To get noticed in a swamp of talents in this highly-competitive world is itself half-way through the journey of success, because lack of visibility can take a lot more effort for one to succeed professionally.

There are many occasions where my formal correspondence with my ‘friends’ from work were so limited for years, yet many of them and I felt so connected through what we read and write as updates from our professional life, and in my personal experience, it has rewarded me handsomely in more than one occasions in the past.

My personal advise to the Gen-Y – Millennial Generation – is to spend time connecting with people of importance on LinkedIn – people who have walked the path already and may be looking for someone just like you, may be not today, but one day when they need talents and dynamism that you possess. FB is good, but it’s a networking platform to meet your personal satisfaction of staying connected with friends and aunts and uncles and not disconnect from the umbilical cord of the nostalgic school and college days. Good enough. Don’t let that go. But you cannot dwell in the past all the time and sit on your laurels, and you need to move forward. Spending at least 30 minutes weekly on LinkedIn and trying to connect with people of importance in your industry or even outside, is perhaps one of many moves that you cannot neglect if pursuing success professionally.

Having strong network is no more a choice. And being visible to people on whose toes might be the knot of string connecting your future is not an option either. Connecting with people in the field you yourself envisage to be in one day is equal to shadowing them well in advance – at least to understand which groups they are following, what discussions they are liking etc.! Not to imitate them, or follow them, but to at least evaluate the trends so that you do not fall behind when it is time to be in line!

Good luck, Gen-Y,



Open Your Arms | A Letter To A Friend April 1, 2013

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letterMy dear friend, open your arms.

I can guess the intensity of what you are going through, but whatever you are going through would be lighter if you have your arms opened and allows those who love you to walk in to it. It will always leave you lighter, trust me.

I have been grossly betrayed by people who I trusted, and as severe as yours, my career too had had its term of spiralling down for a longer period than yours combined with severe physical challenges I had to endure through the surgeries I was put through in between these race for success – most of my days turning to be a struggle to gather myself up as one piece and continue to move forward, with just one hope and prayer that I will be again having the glory and fame I once had while we were together. I had swung wildly between the past and future, no hands that I hold had the pulse to offer any help – especially those hands I thought are the most trusted ones! Life is such, my dear friend, those are the chapters we learn as we learn to live, at times bitter ones as they are.

Nonetheless, my dear, what is a few years when compared to the larger scheme of life, if only we allow ourselves to not disintegrate. Let us not break ourselves up, when everything around us might appear as a hammer breaking us up. If we keep on pushing, polishing ourselves, believing that we were once great and what’s now is only a temporary fall – like the Romans, like the Spaniards, like the British, like the Mughals – and that we will rise again, we will then rise again. All we need to do is to keep us shining, equip us with the tools necessary for us to bounce back when bouncing back becomes an option, and be valuable for future than perish in the present suffocating in the nauseating debris of the past.

Open your arms, my dearest friend, I want to stay in touch with you. Because I know the pain and agony you’ve been through and I want to be part of you growing out of it, towards a brighter tomorrow, without a shade of yesterday.

All you need to do now is this:

  1. get up after you read this, and take a hot shower.
  2. put the best dress you have, as though you are going for a meeting. This meeting is with you, my friend – an important person.
  3. come to a decision, that you are building a better tomorrow. Decide to begin to do things that you haven’t been doing for ages now. Reading, courses, meeting people, writing for opportunities – even if it means you are taking a step back to leap yards forward. Get back to life, my dear friend; make with your life a great story that you can write later – a contemporary story of the phoenix that’s rising from its ashes.

To feel dejected isn’t a foreign experience for me either. But who we think are responsible to help us are not responsible to help us. Your value is determined by the context of time your services in life is associated. As the needle of time move upwards, your value appreciates till a threshold and it is inevitable that it depreciate after a point, or burst by reaching beyond its capacity.  Someone must have played an important role in your life once upon a time. But time isn’t constant. That person’s responsibility was limited to the context of that changing time. Their priorities changes.  It’s we who are responsible for us, responsibility to  keep your priority unchanged – the priority of taking care of your well being. We just need to keep trying.

Give me your trade mark bear hug, my friend. Know that I hated you in between because I loved you so much and it was hurting to see you distancing to a shell of your own from me, and many like me who love and care for you a lot.



Between Yesterday and Tomorrow March 13, 2013

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What is being optimist?

It’s your strength to cry when in pain, and yet see through the tears a ray of hope at the extreme edge of your thoughts, that this too shall pass.

It’s your strength to smile when in pain, and yet to feel through the smile the intensity of your loss and convert it into a propelling energy in the awareness, that this too shall pass.

It’s your determination to go back to the drawing board, and start it all over again even when on your collar blades the dust of debris of the disaster remains still, believing, that this too shall pass.

It is your ability to wake up every morning and to see yesterday as bygone, not to search for the bruises and scars, not to twist your ankles to feel if it aches from yesterdays fall, but to search for the joints that are strong to lift the ‘present’ and to stack it one by one on the future, with a twitch on your lips though with the taste of salt from the rolling drop, contented, that this too shall pass.

Optimism is not a big thing. It’s a small thing – a small but repeated choice of will – one that can make big difference, consistently.

It’s a choice between yesterday and tomorrow!





Hug – Testing Your Power of Mind March 10, 2013

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Do you doubt, still, the power of your mind over the deceptive power of your physical strength?

In spite of all the strength you accumulated over years of physical exertion and excessive consumption of supplements, how hard it is to smile, at times, to the one who need it most; smile, an act that requires to draw nothing from your physical strenghth-bank, and yet the power of mind obstructing you from twitching that lips to make a positive difference!

In spite of all your achievements that conquered everything that you set your foot on, how hard it is to just make that move closer to that person so near in your life, with your hands stretched inviting for the warmth of a hug – an act that requires hardly any strength but the power of your mind.

You travel distance to learn about the tips for success in life, and yet you can’t walk just a few steps to the person whose kind thought for you in receiving your gesture of kindness alone would form the cornerstone of your success.

Power of your structure is close to the value of zero if the power of your mind remains unemployed !

Who would you want to give a hug, today, that in spite of your physical capabilities to reach out, your mind has obstructed you from doing so – a hug that would make a difference?


Do You Think You Know What You Think You Know? March 8, 2013

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You don’t know what you know; you don’t know what you don’t know. What you think you know is not what you really know. There are things that you’ve forgotten in time, and there are more things that you’ve ignored in time. You know you know, but you don’t know that you know so little. You know you don’t know, but you don’t know that you are knowledgeable of so much more. How do you know what you know, or what you don’t know? By knowing that you don’t know everything, and by knowing that you know something, and sometimes, by knowing you know only something, and some other times, by knowing that you know at least something. Your behaviour changes in each context. When you know you know everything, isn’t that the height of arrogance? When you know you know something, isn’t that the beginning of a good esteem? When you know you know only something, will that not open the possibilities of opening up for more – the curiosity of a child to see how the needle of a clock work? And when you know you know at least something, will that not give you a relief – that you haven’t lost everything, and opportunities are not over!!!

You know you are drawing a perfect design? What you see as a perfect design of life is factoring only the factors that you think you know; will your design not warrant revisions – perhaps extreme at that, when you begin to know what you don’t know? Your solid plan is based on the fluid dynamics of variable relationship, and therefore do you think it’s a solid plan, still? There are innumerable variables around your plan that if discovered and made to unite it creates a plan that you never designed before. You don’t know many possibilities that can be merged with the other or even submerged into the other that in magnitude of results it outweighs and dwarfs the plan that you now conceived as perfect.

Perfect is what? Perfect is your comprehension of the maximum possibilities of combining the resources that you know you have. What if then what you know is itself imperfect? You don’t know what you know. Your definition of perfect is dynamic. Your comprehension of possibilities become incomprehensible when one or more combination of resources is subtracted from your equation, for those combinations are not in your control and rather remains as a well intended wish. The expectation of resources offer no guarantee of what it is capable of producing, for your input is not necessarily the viable ingredient required of the output the resource is planning to combine their resources with. There is an equilibrium. There is a chance of not having an equilibrium. Between ‘there is’ and ‘there is not’ lies the ‘chance’ and the size of chance varies with changing time.

But now, do you think you know what you think you know?

Share with me your thoughts.


Awareness of influencing emotions March 6, 2013

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What were your waking thoughts? Those that spilled over from previous night or carried        forward from previous day, are they of empowering nature that it motivates you as a springboard to leap high and dive deep into the present, or are they lingering in the past?

If those thoughts are painful, can they be the catalyst to strengthen your resolve to drive forcefully towards achieving your goals?

If those thoughts are cheerful, can they be the reason why you add colours to the life of others around you and enrich your own life?

What is the nature of your thoughts, and how are they shaping your future?

Are you aware?

In that conscious awareness of the stirring of emotions will you find the answers and solutions that will attune your behaviour and resolutions that will produce productive results; in being blind to the existence of emotions, leaving them un-labelled and being driven by its force will cause destruction to your walls of present, cracking them through the stretch of time and pulling them down to debris.

What are the thoughts that are influencing you now, in this moment?

Are they empowering?

Can you alter them to mean different, the other side of it, and propel you to future?



6 Minutes of Aligning Life, Daily ! March 5, 2013

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You experience the thickness of emotions melting down from the crown of your  head, gradually flowing down through your ear lobe and dripping on the shoulder  making it for a while heavier than usual and then evaporating to thin air; you experience the thoughts otherwise creating a clutter of web, tangled and criss-crossing and hooked on pegs of experiences nailed on the wall of your mind, gradually untying itself and creating long coloured silky threads of experiences gently hanging as colourful yarns drying on a clothe-line in a Rajasthani hamlet.

You experience the heaviness of shoulders otherwise felt as heavy blocks of ice, now dissolving in the warmth of silence experienced in the vacuum of thoughts, almost as light as feather; the heaviness giving way to lightness, as a block of butter melting in a warm plate, slowly transforming and spreading itself in to the space around.

As the heaviness of shoulders become lighter and lighter, and as the head become spacious and cleaner, with a warm yellow light and an inexpressible fragrance of wild flowers filling in the space, you become lighter, nearly non-existing yet aware of your presence; here, but no where.

And you whispers, ‘I am not my body. I am not even my mind’ gently shredding away the ego of materially being. In the urn of these whispers melts your material desire and forms the existential purpose, cleansed, purified.

Slowly, very slowly, you forget your surroundings; the aches are no more aches, because you are beyond your body. the sufferings are no more sufferings, because you are beyond your mind. Everything is in the periphery, except your awareness of your soul.

And that soul is intact. Cleaned. Purified. Refreshed. Devoid of all impurities.

Renewing this beautiful experience of meditation every morning has been an integral part of my journey that might not have perhaps caused any radical change in my life but has indeed prevented me from inflicting destructive damage to it.

The final six minutes of  ‘Shambhavi Mahamudra’.

20 minutes of rambling in an operation briefing in the corporate world if substituted – or integrated, for the weak hearted – with these six minutes, you cant help but witness radical change in the atmosphere you create at work, in the genuine relationship you see them building, the willingness to pour their heart into what they do, and their ability to produce the best of results on their own than being at the receiving end of their manager’s pungent orders in the morning.

In reflection, we gain clarity of our path and actions.

6 Minutes of reflection. Do you have the stomach to enable your team to just reflect – 6 Minutes Every Day?


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