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Awareness of influencing emotions March 6, 2013

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What were your waking thoughts? Those that spilled over from previous night or carried        forward from previous day, are they of empowering nature that it motivates you as a springboard to leap high and dive deep into the present, or are they lingering in the past?

If those thoughts are painful, can they be the catalyst to strengthen your resolve to drive forcefully towards achieving your goals?

If those thoughts are cheerful, can they be the reason why you add colours to the life of others around you and enrich your own life?

What is the nature of your thoughts, and how are they shaping your future?

Are you aware?

In that conscious awareness of the stirring of emotions will you find the answers and solutions that will attune your behaviour and resolutions that will produce productive results; in being blind to the existence of emotions, leaving them un-labelled and being driven by its force will cause destruction to your walls of present, cracking them through the stretch of time and pulling them down to debris.

What are the thoughts that are influencing you now, in this moment?

Are they empowering?

Can you alter them to mean different, the other side of it, and propel you to future?




Night is darker before the break of dawn. March 3, 2013

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 I was woken up in the early hours this morning; perhaps for two years short of a decade we’ve been waiting for this call – news, rather! They’ve been waiting through the night to make it ‘relatively’ morning for us here, so that they can wake us up and share the good news!! 


They waited for eight years!!! They had no choice but to persevere. They had no choice but to be patient. They had no choice but to pray – all these years. In the larger scheme of life, eight years were nothing but merely an alphabet in an essay, but to live through it required conscious dodging of questions and queries, being blind to the inquisitive looks of families and relatives all from an orthodox background questioning the capabilities more than understanding the scheme of destiny.


And finally, their prayers are heard; she has conceived a baby; the relief, the joy and the contentment can only be imagined and yet hardly any close to their reality , yet through these comes the message that prayers with good intent never go wasted – it gets delivered perhaps not in the form and shape you had sought but in ways and manners that will deem as good to ones life though its content may appear as beyond one’s immediate comprehension.


No wonder it is said that the night is darker before the break of dawn; just at the verge of resigning to the arms of disappointment, here comes a ray of hope with the glad tidings of the time and blessings to come!


Intense prayer, unwavering patience, timeless perseverance, above all the faith in the Universal Master Scheme is perhaps the answer to the questions of life! When the going gets tough, the tough keeps not just going, but kneels in submission, to mobilize the resources around us, for the universe to conspire and make our dream come true, or to give us the enlightenment of what is right to dream that in achieving that dream I become contented.


What a painting life is, that each single stroke creates a different shape that makes it beautiful than how it was a moment before!!



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