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A Silent Whisper March 7, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Inspirational Quotes, Life.
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Lord, in life when I am
slow to reach, help me race;
thin and fragile, make me bold;
my children’s pain, make them mine

Difficult matters, make them easier
blind vision, make them clearer
heavier subjects, make them lighter
harder choices, make them softer

My distant journeys, make them closer.
their cold emotions, make them warmer.
the longer waits, make them shorter.
my withering health, make it stronger;

Among voices of vice, make mine wiser;
in pull of hunger, fill my soul;
when under thunder, give me shelter;
on snow-flakes’ fall,  give me sweater

Of all my dreams, make this stream;
Day by day and every day,
be with me all the way, is
my silent whisper every day



6 Minutes of Aligning Life, Daily ! March 5, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Corporate, Life, Love and Relationship.
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You experience the thickness of emotions melting down from the crown of your  head, gradually flowing down through your ear lobe and dripping on the shoulder  making it for a while heavier than usual and then evaporating to thin air; you experience the thoughts otherwise creating a clutter of web, tangled and criss-crossing and hooked on pegs of experiences nailed on the wall of your mind, gradually untying itself and creating long coloured silky threads of experiences gently hanging as colourful yarns drying on a clothe-line in a Rajasthani hamlet.

You experience the heaviness of shoulders otherwise felt as heavy blocks of ice, now dissolving in the warmth of silence experienced in the vacuum of thoughts, almost as light as feather; the heaviness giving way to lightness, as a block of butter melting in a warm plate, slowly transforming and spreading itself in to the space around.

As the heaviness of shoulders become lighter and lighter, and as the head become spacious and cleaner, with a warm yellow light and an inexpressible fragrance of wild flowers filling in the space, you become lighter, nearly non-existing yet aware of your presence; here, but no where.

And you whispers, ‘I am not my body. I am not even my mind’ gently shredding away the ego of materially being. In the urn of these whispers melts your material desire and forms the existential purpose, cleansed, purified.

Slowly, very slowly, you forget your surroundings; the aches are no more aches, because you are beyond your body. the sufferings are no more sufferings, because you are beyond your mind. Everything is in the periphery, except your awareness of your soul.

And that soul is intact. Cleaned. Purified. Refreshed. Devoid of all impurities.

Renewing this beautiful experience of meditation every morning has been an integral part of my journey that might not have perhaps caused any radical change in my life but has indeed prevented me from inflicting destructive damage to it.

The final six minutes of  ‘Shambhavi Mahamudra’.

20 minutes of rambling in an operation briefing in the corporate world if substituted – or integrated, for the weak hearted – with these six minutes, you cant help but witness radical change in the atmosphere you create at work, in the genuine relationship you see them building, the willingness to pour their heart into what they do, and their ability to produce the best of results on their own than being at the receiving end of their manager’s pungent orders in the morning.

In reflection, we gain clarity of our path and actions.

6 Minutes of reflection. Do you have the stomach to enable your team to just reflect – 6 Minutes Every Day?


Night is darker before the break of dawn. March 3, 2013

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 I was woken up in the early hours this morning; perhaps for two years short of a decade we’ve been waiting for this call – news, rather! They’ve been waiting through the night to make it ‘relatively’ morning for us here, so that they can wake us up and share the good news!! 


They waited for eight years!!! They had no choice but to persevere. They had no choice but to be patient. They had no choice but to pray – all these years. In the larger scheme of life, eight years were nothing but merely an alphabet in an essay, but to live through it required conscious dodging of questions and queries, being blind to the inquisitive looks of families and relatives all from an orthodox background questioning the capabilities more than understanding the scheme of destiny.


And finally, their prayers are heard; she has conceived a baby; the relief, the joy and the contentment can only be imagined and yet hardly any close to their reality , yet through these comes the message that prayers with good intent never go wasted – it gets delivered perhaps not in the form and shape you had sought but in ways and manners that will deem as good to ones life though its content may appear as beyond one’s immediate comprehension.


No wonder it is said that the night is darker before the break of dawn; just at the verge of resigning to the arms of disappointment, here comes a ray of hope with the glad tidings of the time and blessings to come!


Intense prayer, unwavering patience, timeless perseverance, above all the faith in the Universal Master Scheme is perhaps the answer to the questions of life! When the going gets tough, the tough keeps not just going, but kneels in submission, to mobilize the resources around us, for the universe to conspire and make our dream come true, or to give us the enlightenment of what is right to dream that in achieving that dream I become contented.


What a painting life is, that each single stroke creates a different shape that makes it beautiful than how it was a moment before!!



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