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Schools Again – A Parent’s Prayer June 1, 2013

Posted by Shahir in Life.
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back to school


They are back to school, again! And I have these to ask!

Spark in them the excitement to go to school, and learn – though it means getting up early morning when it’s beautifully raining! Make them thrilled to meet their old friends, and to make new ones. Give them the wisdom to cherish the excitement of these holidays, and the need to embrace this inevitable journey of studying, to build a career and life. Make it easier for them,¬†what they think is difficult, be that the problems in maths, or getting along with the rest. Help them to learn enough in classes, not having to spend again more hours in tuition. Give them the strength to complete their homework after long day of classes, and enough time to play and watch their favourite shows.

Prevent them from fatal falls, on the ground in play and in life as they grow. Give them the appetite to eat their snacks and lunch, and keep them healthy from illness.

Help them win, but if they can’t, help them understand that it’s OK to even just participate. Help them have dreams, and the wisdom to work towards achieving them, even if that means the ability to memorize spellings or poems or run a race of hundred meters or jump a yard – give them reasons to dream.

Protect them on their way to school, protect them on their way back from school. On their way help them hear sights that encourages love and care for big and small, rich and poor, young and old; as they look out and sing their rhymes, help them see on the streets the symbols of truth and honesty, bonding of humanity.

Their teachers bear on their shoulders a heavy weight of life that’s hardly regarded! They struggle with their family affairs, their personal challenges of making the ends meet, their struggles of bringing up their children. Yet, let them have the blessings to continue to see their role as a ‘calling’ – a mission, than a profession, that as they hold a text in their hands they realize too how much more it mean for those hands to be on these kids’ shoulders, now and then, with care, with love.

It’s a tough world out there, and there are many who are kind and loving. Prying eyes whose hearts are dark causing lights of life to extinguish – prevent them from being in such alleys. In the thick and thin of the world’s affairs, lead them to those who are loving and kind. Give them the strength to help themselves, or lead them to those who can when in need.

Guide them from going astray; plant in their minds simple and kind thoughts on life and living; make their hearts beat with compassion, understanding there is plenty for all.

I have more to ask, but I leave it to you, the Disposer of All Affairs.


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