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Between Yesterday and Tomorrow March 13, 2013

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What is being optimist?

It’s your strength to cry when in pain, and yet see through the tears a ray of hope at the extreme edge of your thoughts, that this too shall pass.

It’s your strength to smile when in pain, and yet to feel through the smile the intensity of your loss and convert it into a propelling energy in the awareness, that this too shall pass.

It’s your determination to go back to the drawing board, and start it all over again even when on your collar blades the dust of debris of the disaster remains still, believing, that this too shall pass.

It is your ability to wake up every morning and to see yesterday as bygone, not to search for the bruises and scars, not to twist your ankles to feel if it aches from yesterdays fall, but to search for the joints that are strong to lift the ‘present’ and to stack it one by one on the future, with a twitch on your lips though with the taste of salt from the rolling drop, contented, that this too shall pass.

Optimism is not a big thing. It’s a small thing – a small but repeated choice of will – one that can make big difference, consistently.

It’s a choice between yesterday and tomorrow!






A Silent Whisper March 7, 2013

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Lord, in life when I am
slow to reach, help me race;
thin and fragile, make me bold;
my children’s pain, make them mine

Difficult matters, make them easier
blind vision, make them clearer
heavier subjects, make them lighter
harder choices, make them softer

My distant journeys, make them closer.
their cold emotions, make them warmer.
the longer waits, make them shorter.
my withering health, make it stronger;

Among voices of vice, make mine wiser;
in pull of hunger, fill my soul;
when under thunder, give me shelter;
on snow-flakes’ fall,  give me sweater

Of all my dreams, make this stream;
Day by day and every day,
be with me all the way, is
my silent whisper every day


A conversation with Dream March 7, 2013

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Everyone has a dream; some, internalized it, inseparable from their blood and sweat; for some, it’s like that little hard cover book on the coffee table; there is an ownership, but a disconnected one.

The end scene of the dream is always glorious, beautiful, honourable; there you see those around you in standing ovation for the achievements you are felicitated for. The journey towards that moment, the time and distance, the uphill trekking and the walk through the valleys, the islands of isolation and the avalanches of unanticipated challenges, the lengthy journey from moment to moment enduring in pursuit of the dream that you had your true faith on, believing, is but not in the suit that you are seen in that end scene, but a scene of sweating armpit and dry mouth, hungry and thirsty for that taste of success, through the eternal integration of struggles and discoveries of bitter and blissful truth.

Blog BlockIn that journey you had those who denied an opportunity to meet and discuss the integration of your dream with theirs delaying your reaching your destination. But in turning your head in despair did you not see an avenue much wider for you to pursue?

Did you not know all along, that there will come, tomorrow, a moment when you will shake hands with those whose hands withdrew as you extended yours yesterday?

Did you not know that there will come a moment, tomorrow, when your phone will ring with those at the other end who refused to pick yours yesterday?

Every knock of denial whose acceptance you believed would accelerate the pace of your journey in fact, don’t you believe, made your resolution stronger enabling you to travel longer, untiring?

World doesn’t owe you a dream. It offers for you a fertile land, to plough and sow your seed of dreams, and cultivate; in you manifest the desire to succeed, or the fear of failure; what you manifest, you will harvest.

Are you pursuing your dream, or letting you beaten down by those in whose equation you don’t exist?


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